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Project Management & Group Collaboration

TaskWorks provides affordable time-tracking, expenses handling, project management and collaboration tools for all industries. Enhance your business performance through the application of this project and process management system.

For any size business in any industry sector. If you have people working on projects and need to keep control on hours of effort, expenses and timelimits then TaskWorks is the affordable online solution for you.

We at Evaware use TaskWorks to control the delivery of our project portfolio throughout the globe. TaskWorks helps us to keep track of scheduling as well as keep strict control on project costs while at the same time allowing our project stakeholders to share information and collaborate across multiple timezones.

TaskWorks’ seemless integration with Outlook gives our clients quick and easy access to key data about up coming delivery dates and issues on projects. TaskWorks creates a unique environment for the successful delivery of project and program outputs. For more information about this unique subscription hosted service please click here or on the graphic below.

You will wonder how you ever managed without it!