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Financial Services

Evaware has many years of experience of designing, building and maintaining systems for the financial services sector. With a deep and comprehensive understanding of the complexities of this industry Evaware has delivered solutions that:

•Deliver portals for online management of Pensions and Investments
•Provide online banking services
•Integration of Bloomberg API and other financial data sources
•Creation of data warehousing and reporting for monitoring and performance
•Automation of regulatory and other document production

Using our own in-house Web based Project Management and Collaboration system TaskWorks we can provide you the customer with a unique transparent insight into the progress of your project. Using TaskWorks you will be given a greater oversight of the the current project status and any problems being encountered. TaskWorks enables us to involve our clients in project delivery to a far greater extent than our rivals and help give our clients complete “peace of mind” during the Project Lifecycle.