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Paresa-MI, a Marketing Artificial Intelligence Solution

Evaware is very excited to announce our involvement in a new product aimed squarely at enhancing Sales & Marketing, in corporations, looking to improve field force productivity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven market intelligence, that has been launched by Paresa UK Ltd. Paresa-MI is a new platform for sales forces, designed to capture the audio (and soon video) interaction between your sales force and prospective clients. It incorporates back end integration with Business Intelligence reporting, recording and transcription services. Paresa – MI not only increases field force productivity but also provides valuable AI driven insights into customer perceptions and behaviour.

Paresa UK is initially targeting regulated industries where compliance and adherence are important. These include Financial Services, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals, but the solution has appeal to a wider market in any industry wishing to enhance their marketing model.

Nick Dyer from Evaware will also join the organisation as part-time CTO and Director. The involvement in this exciting new product marks a two year investment by Evaware in expanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Skills in our range of services.

The product gives you the power to share the customer journey with intelligent customer alignment.

  • The better the customer’s journey alignment, the better the sales results – improving win rates by 15% and quota attainment by 13.6% [Source: Tamara Schenk CSO,  LinkedIn]
  • Up to 61% of buyers say winning vendors deliver a better mix of content relevant to each stage of the buyer’s journey. (DemandGen Report)
  • 45% of best in class companies make it a high priority for reps to personalise their sales conversations. (The Aberdeen Group)
  • Organizations that implement dynamic sales coaching – where the coaching process is connected to the enablement framework – report win rates nearly 17% higher than average [Brainshark, CSO].

How does it do it?

  • No App installation – Cloud based selling & market intelligence platform with a fully responsive design to function on any device from mobile phone to full desktop.
  • Stable VOIP & Presentation interface
  • CRM Integration
  • Use AI and Machine Learning to analyse business


  • Optimise target customer coverage and frequency
  • Maximise individual performance with online coaching
  • Refine and test marketing messages
  • Measure & predict sales cycle progression
  • Improve market Intelligence with aggregated data over time
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Cost Effective Pay as you go business model