Microsoft CRM Customisation

World class solutions

Taking out of the box Microsoft CRM to world class solutions

Evaware has been delivering Microsoft CRM solutions for nearly 10 years now to a diverse base of industries.


Microsoft refer to their product as xRM where X is anything. CRM products are no longer the domain of pure marketing tools. Complete ERP for any industry can now be met with Microsoft CRM, managing the relationship with Vendors, Customers, Patients, Investors, Funds, Institutions…..any entity you do business with or for.


Microsoft CRM is an intuitive platform that users find easy to adopt allowing your staff to respond quicker to customers’ needs. Improving your customers’ experience and therefore increasing your profits means getting your organisation to meet customer needs quicker.


Out of the box, Microsoft CRM delivers powerful features meeting many business needs, however it also provides extensive customisation and configuration functionality. Evaware has a broad and experienced range of skill sets in software, hardware, customization, configuration and integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can guide you through the complete lifecycle of implementation of CRM in your organisation.