Sightseeing Munich Phone App

Completion of Sightseeing Munich App

Evaware has completed the first release of a Sightseeing App for iOS and Android for a client in Munich, Germany. Sightseeing via Phone – Sightseeing Munich delivers rich but simple audio tours of famous landmarks and areas of beauty in the Bavarian city of Munich.

With Sightseeing Munich you will discover the most interesting places in town. Professional narrators will lead you to Munich’s most famous sights and tell you stories as vivid and entertaining as possible.

• vivid tours: professional voice actors guide you through exciting stories as if you are right in the middle of it
• original settings: with the help of simple navigations, you will experience the stories right where they actually happened
• easy to use: with just a few clicks, you can download the audio files right to your phone and you are ready to go

Evaware used the Iionic framework for development of the app and is responsible for ongoing enhancement of the product. This is just the first release. The Ionic framework allows for the creation of highly interactive, cross-platform mobile applications that can be deployed across iOS, Android, and even Windows devices. These hybrid applications include native functionalities, exhaustive gestures, and customizable tools to enhance user-friendliness. If your organisation is seeking to develop new mobile apps, contact us first for free advice.